General Information Request:
Jewish University System is a non-publicly funded Jewish
comprehensive university affiliated with the Jewish
College Foundation. University Central of Ashdod was
chaptered under Panama Canal College, the United States
Panamanian Canal Authority. The University is the
successor institution to the Panama Canal College (PCC),
Hebrew College (HC), Lubavitch Law College (LLC)  and
Golda Meir College of Education (GMCE) and the
Universidad Central de Enfermeria (UCEA). and
College of Nursing. The institution is recognized as a
higher learning institution by the Jewish Commission on
Education (
Technical Student Support Center
UCEA - Serving the Global Community
Academic Support Center
Hebrew College Foundation es una corporación de carácter  religioso, privada, de
utilidad común, sin ánimo de lucro, con personería jurídica otorgada
por la agencia de reconcimineto

Hebrew College
is a non-for-profit faith-based and  religious institution.

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Community Services
Jewish Institutions
We are a Faith-Based Higher Learning Institution (FBLI).
University Central of Ashdod  is part of the Jewish University System.
It is based on the laws of the Jewish State of Israel.
We operate without governmental oversight hence we offer degrees
titles with religious modifier.
Neither the United States Department of Education nor any State Department of
Education are part of our colleges and universities.

University Year 2020--2021.  Hebrew College Foundation will provide ten religious
scholarships to qualified
students in the community that we serve.
We are Chavurah Ashdod.