Hebrew College Teaching and Research
Hebrew University System and UCEA Jewish Educational
Foundation have established academic programs in Judaic Studies.
We have articulation agreements with other academic institutions to
share faculty and research resources.

We are members of the Asher Library of the Spertus Jewish
Institute and articulation agreement between the University of
Panama and us to exchange faculty, research, and resources.

We promote within our faculty to participate in research projects
sponsored by the private enterprises and international organizations.

Teaching and research go hand-in-hand for our full-time faculty
members. Leaders in fields from business, allied health to literature
and Judaic Studies, they bring their expertise into the classroom,
sharing the newest currents of thought in their disciplines

The mission of the Graduate School is to serve as the University’s
advocate for the continued improvement of graduate education. We
hope that we can meet your graduate needs. Please take the time
to browse and discover our quality and affordable graduate

Assistantships - Graduate Program

The Department of Jewish Studies is currently offering Graduate
Assistantships for Research Assistants, and Teaching Assistants.

Each of these assistantships require the student to be enrolled full
time in the MA program in Religious Studies.  
This student would receive a tuition waiver and a stipend for the
academic year to perform specified duties for an average of twenty
hours per week in Jerusalem, Israel.