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Religious Educational

Barukk atah Adonai Eloheinu,
melekk ha'olmam
Blessed are you,
Lord, our G-d,
Sovereign of the Universe
Sponsored by UCEA
Jewish Educational  
Faith-based Research
Who has sanctified us with His
Commandments and
commanded us to wrap
ourselves in the tzitzit
2015-2016 Fall and Winter

University Central of Ashdod Hebrew College offers classical Talmud Torah, an intensive analysis of classic Jewish
texts in their Hebrew and Aramaic originals.

As an undergraduate or graduate student in any one of our four programs, you will receive, upon graduation, an
integrated education equivalent to two complete undergraduate educations. You will have acquired thorough
development of Torah knowledge, world view and character, and be empowered to strive for profound personal
growth while leading ethical and moral lives.

Our online religious education service is offered in the following countries:
Argentina, Canada, France, The Jewish State of Israel, The United States and The United Kingdom.
All courses are taught in English and Hebrew.
The Jewish State of Israel - Independence
Remembrance of the Fallen